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Are you aching for a breakthrough,
a change to your everyday life?

I’ve been there. You are stuck in a position of potential energy longing for an external push into your next right thing. You are searching for ways to evolve what is in front of you. You listen to the podcasts, read the books, take all of the courses, but are at a loss with how to authentically connect the information into your personal brand or lifestyle.  Ready for transformation like that? Let me guide you by the hand to the route of living centered and honoring yourself, using your gifts to impact the world around you-- without burnout. That kind of life is possible. 

Is this for you?

that there’s an abundance of information and tools and resources available to you but you still don’t know where to start?

do you find...

are you...

do you VALUE...

longing to live centered, honor yourself, and use your gifts to impact the world?

family, authenticity, rest, real friendship, and straightforward action plans?


“If it costs you your peace, it is too expensive.”

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— Lindsay W.

Sarah has done this long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. She communicates regularly to check on my progress and to see how I’m doing at each step.

5 stars all around