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I have a dream or business idea that needs to be explored or developed before I go all-in,,,

I am craving a community and connection with other women just like me...

I feel terrified to take the leap and just do the ‘thing’... 

I often wonder what it would be like to leave corporate America to pursue my passion... 

I am ready to take my dream from side-hustle to full-time... 

I have several ideas and am not sure which could generate real income... 

You sound like a dreamer, girl-
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Exclusive 1:1 private coaching and mastermind experience

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I have an existing business that generates consistent monthly revenue... 

I'm working hard but not seeing the results I want and deserve...

I'm tired of hustling and know there must be a more peaceful way to live and work... 

I need support and insight as I consider the next steps in my business -- like hiring, empowering team members, expanding my reach and developing new products or services... 

I have read the books, listened to the podcasts, and bought the courses, but know I need accountability and an actionable growth strategy from a coach who is invested in MY business and dream...


Babe, You sound like a DOER-
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Over the last year, I’ve been mentoring and coaching women in life and business and listening intently to what fires them up, as well as what is holding them back. I have observed two universal threads among multi-passionate female entrepreneurs:
we are longing for balance and looking for permission.

We are chasing the illusive work/life balance while the ‘mom guilt’ is overwhelming at times and we feel the weight of disappointing our families or our team. We are trying so hard to do all the things well. And we are exhausted.
We are also begging for permission and freedom to pursue the dream in our heart …
Wondering if maybe, just maybe, God created us with these unique skills because we can serve the world with our gifts like no one else can.

Yes, there are tons of resources available to help you grow and learn.
There are countless books, courses, podcasts, seminars and masterminds you can invest in. However, most women have no idea how to apply these resources to their business or dream because they are simply too overwhelmed.

If you have a desire to reach a new level of success and peace in your life and business, it’s time to hire a coach to help you create a growth strategy that will actually work this time. Someone who understands your dream and vision and is fully invested in your success in every area of your life.
I want you to make real money doing what you love!

I’ve created two coaching programs for women in every stage of their business and dream and I would be thrilled to partner with you in God’s purpose for your life! 


I'm a

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So My friend, you choose...

— Lindsay W.

Sarah has done this long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. She communicates regularly to check on my progress and to see how I’m doing at each step.

5 stars all around

You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!
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"When you work with me, there are no flashy bells and whistles; just me and you + your dream + and a dynamic team of women looking to make an impact just like you."

★ already have a business and you are ready to level up, because you know you’ve reached your ceiling with the resources you have. I’ve been there.

★ are a mom who deeply loves her family, but also feels called to serve the world with your gifts. I’ve been there.

★ are highly creative and talented, but clueless about how to turn your ideas into a business?! I’ve been there!

★ feel misunderstood because your dream doesn’t make sense to anyone else? It’s lonely and I’ve felt it, too.

Maybe you...


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Hours Dedicated to building my business + Dream


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—April S.

"With Sarah's help, I now have a vision statement for my life that reflects my personal values and I have something tangible that I can look to every day for direction and guidance. I can set big and small goals that make sense and that bring me closer to what I see as the ultimate purpose of my life."

You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info, or sign up below for a complimentary discovery call!
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