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A couple of weeks ago, my 6-year old fell off of her new hoverboard and fractured her arm. Sadie immediately started apologizing to me through her sobs, as if she should have known better or done better.  Wow. If that’s not familiar. 💔  How often have I felt the weight of shame when things don’t […]

Self Improvement

Courage Over Comfort

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After I had my second daughter I was really struggling with our new normal. Before she was born, I felt pretty confident in my mom skills. My oldest, Sadie, was nearly 3, I had finally adjusted to motherhood, and I’d say we had a pretty good thing going on.  However — despite my best efforts […]

Thoughts About Life

Embracing the Season that You are In

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Reposting from Instagram — Original Post 2/10/20 (pre-COVID, wow!) Yesterday I went hiking at a park I’d never been to and God met me there. If you want 17 metaphors for life, keep reading. 😅 First of all, I went to the wrong place. It wasn’t entirely wrong, it just wasn’t where I wanted to […]

Thoughts About Life

When you’ve been this way before…

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