Embracing the Season that You are In

After I had my second daughter I was really struggling with our new normal. Before she was born, I felt pretty confident in my mom skills. My oldest, Sadie, was nearly 3, I had finally adjusted to motherhood, and I’d say we had a pretty good thing going on. 

However — despite my best efforts to plan and prepare for baby #2, I didn’t account for the fact that she would be her OWN person and absolutely nothing like her sister… and I’d be starting over, as if I were a first-time mom again. 

It was a really difficult transition because I had expectations that were 1) unmet and 2) unrealistic.

Sophia beautifully disrupted our routine and normal flow of life. I resisted that disruption for several months and kept trying to make our old life work, and it just wasn’t happening. I felt resentment and frustration toward everyone in my family — and myself. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly, but something was off and was not working anymore. 

January 1 of the following year, Sophia was 4 months old, and I was prayerfully considering what the new year would look like. I felt paralyzed in making plans and felt ridiculous setting goals because nothing made sense anymore.

God very gently spoke to my heart and said, “Surrender to the Season.” 

I knew exactly what that meant. This season was the very definition of ‘it is what it is.’ I needed to stop resisting and just embrace it for the beautiful mess that was. I was a new mom of two little girls who needed my attention almost 24 hours a day. Baby sister was moody and didn’t sleep well (was? lol) and I was more tired than I knew possible. 

This was not a season for personal or professional growth. This was survival season. 

When I acknowledged the season of life that I was in and owned it completely, I felt so much peace. It helped me to stop striving and trying to achieve impossible things. It relieved me of pressure to perform or produce. I was able to extend so much grace and patience to myself and my family. I was able to vocalize to my team that I was struggling and would be spending more time away from the business. 

This is what I’ve noticed in my life since that time four short/long years ago: There are two kinds of seasons we find ourselves in and it’s important to know and embrace them.

We are either accelerating or resting/recovering. 

I’ve been navigating big personal changes in my life and family this year. By the time summer arrived, I was in desperate need of rest. I spent 8 weeks resting and recovering and preparing for the next season … in which I’m growing, producing, and accelerating. That restful season was essential for me to be in this season I am in now! 

If you are recovering and resting, please do not feel guilty. Instead, know that you are getting ready for the next big thing. Own this season! Take all the naps, go on the trips, say no often, go to bed early, cook less … whatever it is that means rest for you. 

Tell me – what season do you find yourself in today? There is so much peace in naming where you are right now.

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