When I’m tired down to my bones…

For the last several days, I’ve been feeling stuck … which is kind of odd and frustrating since I just wrote a course about productivity. I’ve learned that when I’m feeling something for a few days in a row, I need to get curious about it. I’ve also learned that my feelings are not exclusive and unique to me. If i’m feeling something, chances are, someone else is feeling it, too. Or a lot of someones. We are never alone. 

When I woke up this morning feeling tired and unmotivated again, I decided not to go through another day until I had clarity about this. 

I realized that the “stuck-ness” I felt was actually exhaustion, and not the “I need a nap / coffee / vacation” kind of tired. I’m talking about the kind of tired that just doesn’t quit until you make serious lifestyle changes. 

I asked God to show me how to move forward and these are three questions and answers that came to me. 

1) How do I recognize that I’m exhausted?

2) Why am I exhausted?

3) What to do when I’m exhausted?

How do I recognize that I’m exhausted?

This is what I noticed about myself. You certainly have your own symptoms, but there could be some overlap here:

-I feel stuck

-I feel uninspired

-I am doing the bare minimum at home and/or work

-I am am triggered by other people who are resting or vacationing and I am responding insincerely with “that must be nice”

-I feel sad or depressed (outside of clinical depression)

Why am I exhausted?

There are a few major triggers for exhaustion in my own life: 

-I am living outside of my core values. This topic needs its own blog post IMO! So many of us have never identified our core values. This is SO important to meaningful living. (This is a big part of the process in my course, Peaceful Productivity.) When I live outside of these boundaries for an extended period of time, I grow very weary. 

-I’ve been saying yes to the wrong things. (Again … core values.)

-I am overworked.

-I’ve been striving for too long.

-I am overwhelmed by information (thank you, Internet).

-I am navigating a global pandemic for the first time and no one has the answers. 

-I am going through a divorce.

-I have had to pivot in my life and business every day for the last 6+ months.

-I am making decisions that I’ve never made before and everything feels unfamiliar.

-I want everyone to be happy about all of my decisions.

What to do when I’m exhausted?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but meant to be a starting point … and you certainly don’t need to do them all at once. See if any of these resonate with you:

-Write down my core values and post them where I can see them everyday.

-Get back to the basics and ruthlessly eliminate anything that does not align with my core values (responsibilities, commitments, relationships, future plans)

-Ask myself: what is not working for me right now? And stop doing those things ASAP.

-Ask the magic question: what would make me feel like a person right now? You can and should ask yourself this everyday. So many of us are not asking ourselves what we need and actually listening for the answer. 

-Detox from technology. Lots of people will cut out social media for a week or more, which is awesome, but then go right back to the same bad habits with the detox ends. You need new rules for daily engagement, otherwise the information overwhelm continues. I recommend one hour a day and one day every week of phone silence. Imagine the margin and space that we would get back if we could commit to these boundaries.

There you go, friends. I hope this helps you move forward with peace and that you feel permission to cultivate rest as a lifestyle. 

By the way, if you need ongoing support and encouragement as you figure out how to do the next right thing in life or business, I am here for you. My NEW coaching programs begin September 1 and I would love for you to schedule a complimentary call with me to find out which program is right for you.

Cheering for you always!