The Tools and Mindset I Use to Plan My Week

When I spend time on Sundays planning the week ahead, I feel so much more energized and focused on Monday morning. You know what it’s like when your kids wake up before you and you feel perpetually behind all day? That’s how I feel when I don’t spend intentional time planning my week. 

I did a live training on my facebook page and walked through the actual steps — including how I use both a paper planner and digital calendar to keep me on track. If you’re into this sort of thing, you can watch the replay here. I even provided a FREE weekly planning worksheet that you can download, make as many copies as you want and use to plan your own week. You can get that resource here.

Regardless of the tools you use to plan the big and little things in life and business, there are a couple of really valuable questions to ask each week before you start planning, and that’s what I really want you to know. 

1) What am I feeling right now? 

Pause and listen for the answer. If you are going into a new week feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sad, or lonely, for example … that’s an important consideration before you start arbitrarily adding tasks and to-dos to your calendar. The energy you have to work with from week to week (and day to day) should also align with your expectations of yourself and others.

2) What is not working for me right now? 

I realized two nights ago that I am waking up really tired and need more sleep. My bedtime is not working for me. In order for me to get to bed earlier, I need to start kids’ bedtime earlier, too. That was an easy fix. But, I had to first ask the question to know the answer. 

Since I use Alexa to keep us on track in the morning and evening with routines for me and the girls, I adjusted the reminder times to reflect those changes, as well.

And guess what … turns out, bedtimes are good for grownups, too. 😉

This magic question will help you to stop and course correct before the wheels really start coming off and the frustrations compound. It’s an important planning question because, as you can see in my example above, asking the question made room for a simple solution that has already made my days better. It also shows us where we need to pivot and do things differently to get the results we are after.

Now for the practical. Here are the tools I use week in and week out. More on this in the training video.

3) What are the top 3 priorities for the week?

If I can only accomplish three things – what are they? 2020 has taught us to set the bar real low, am I right?! Before you start adding events and to-dos to your calendar, identify your top three priorities for the week. If everything falls apart and you can only do THREE things all week, what are they?

Now for the practical. Here are the tools I use week in and week out. More on this in the training video.

Simplified Planner – Weekly Edition

Digital tools are great, but IMO, nothing beats a paper planner. I just love the big picture view I get from my planner. 

I’ve been using a Simplified planner for a few years and I love the size of the weekly edition. I’ve used daily planners, as well, and they are too big to carry around. I have found this planner to be the most functional –and cute, too!

Digital calendar 

I use my apple calendar and also sync to google calendars. A digital calendar is great for on the go planning and for setting up recurring appointments and special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Tip – I set a one week reminder for birthdays of my family and close friends to give myself plenty of time to get a card or gift!

This is the project management tool I use with my team to keep us all on the same page. 

Amazon Echo

 For literally all the things. Blogged about this last week, too.

Routines, reminders, timers, playlists, games for the kids while I’m working or cooking. Robots for the win!


This blank notebook is the best planner companion. It’s the exact one I use and holds every brain dump and all of my project and meeting notes and sometimes shopping lists. It’s a great size (5”x8.5”)  and stays in my bag with my computer and planner. 

By the way, if you need ongoing support and encouragement as you figure out how to do the next right thing in life or business, I am here for you. My new coaching programs begin September 1 and I would love for you to schedule a call to find out which program is right for you.

Cheering for you always 💛

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