Sometimes, motherhood is really hard.

I posted these thoughts about a year ago to my Facebook page and they still ring true today. I had to re-share!

Sometimes motherhood is really hard for me.

That caught me by surprise when I became a mom, as I imagined this role would come most naturally to me.

Honestly, I feel most like myself when I’m working. That’s uncomfortable to say out loud. The first year or two after my oldest was born, I struggled constantly with how to be a GREAT mom AND a GREAT business owner. It was impossible and left me frustrated and striving constantly. I wanted to do both perfectly and for everyone to be happy with me. {Yep – I’m an Eenneagram 9w1}

Gratefully, I have since learned so much about seasons and the importance of honoring the season that we are in and that my calling is not only inside the home, but outside as well.

In the process of figuring out these dual roles…

💛 I’ve let a lot of things go.

💛 I’ve asked for help.

💛 I’ve hired help.

💛 I say “no” a lot more.

💛 I’ve taken month long sabbaticals from work (no one quit or died).

💛 I bring my girls to work with me when it makes sense and I have the best childcare when it doesn’t. (At first I thought I would bring them all the time and it would be so magical because look at me – I can do all the things and everyone is happy! 🙃)

💛 I ask God for supernatural wisdom and insight to discern what’s most important.

At the end of the day, GRACE. Grace for it all.