Peaceful Productivity

Welcome to JULY! We are mid-way through 2020 and I don’t even know what to say about it. I can list 17 things in my own life that have surprised me in the last six months and I know you can, too.

YES, this year has been crazy. But this year has also been really, really good. Like, good in all the ways I never knew I needed. 

What I am certain of at this point in the year is that I need a big reset. I looked back on my goals and plans at the start of 2020 and giggled because LITTLE DID I KNOW. 

But also … little did I know all the growth that was going to happen. All the things that were going to die in me. The perspective changes that were coming. The time I got back with my precious kids. The dreams that were going to be born or resurrected. 

It’s been an incredible 180 days. If you stop and think about it, I know you will agree. 💛

One thing is certain: we are not the same women we were in January of this year. It’s time to re-evaluate where we’re going and clarify what matters for the future. Things are different — and not just in hard ways… Also in the best ways. 

Of course I have a strategy for that! Thanks for asking! 😉

For the last several weeks, I have been writing  a course that has been stirring in my heart for so long, and this unique moment in time and history feels like the most beautiful and important time to launch it. 

Peaceful Productivity
is an online course to help you clarify what matters most.

If you need to hit “reset” on 2020 and go back to the drawing board, I’m here for it. This workshop is everything you need to get clear on your vision for your life — not just for 2020. 

Peaceful Productivity will be live July 13-17. While you have lifetime access to the content, we will be going through the content together over those 5 days. You will receive daily video lessons taught by me with a 44-page workbook to download. BONUS: If you register by July 6, I’m shipping this beautiful workbook to your door for free! (There are not many things I love more than workbooks and swag bags.) 

I will be live in the private online community every day to go deeper and share additional resources to help you in set meaningful goals that are connected to your vision and purpose. The best part is that at the end of the course, you will be totally ready to make what matters happen in your life. 

So how much is Peaceful Productivity? $97.
BUT I have a special coupon code for you to get $50 OFF: RESET

After this first launch, I’ll be offering Peaceful Productivity in 2021 for $197 so be sure to get in on this special introductory offer now. 

I am so confident that this content will not just change your life … it will change your legacy. And if you don’t agree, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. I want to honor your time and investment. If this doesn’t add value to your life, I will gladly give you your money back. 

All is not lost. Let’s finish 2020 well! I am in your corner and I am cheering for you! 


PS – if you know anyone who needs some encouragement and an infusion of hope right now, please tell them about Peaceful Productivity! I would be so grateful. 

PSS – Enjoy watching me try to use a teleprompter for the first time! 😂 It was my FFT, ok?!? (If you don’t know what that means, ask me. 😉)