June 2020 Newsletter

After the longest runway ever, we finally made it! School is OUT and summer is IN! 🥳 Last month I told you about opening and closing ceremonies, and my upcoming trip to the Hill Country. It turned out to be everything I hoped it would be – and more! I stayed in this wonderful AirBNB and can’t wait to return. (It’s the perfect house for families and groups!). I came back so refreshed and ready to spend all the time with my girls this summer. 

It has taken me several years (six to be exact) to figure out what summer is and what summer isn’t. Until recently, I tried to make summer feel like every other month in the year: busy, fruitful, productive, important. I wanted to work hard but also be a really fun unicorn mom. I had Pinterest boards that depressed me and so many unfinished projects and unfulfilled plans – at work and home. I dreaded the summer. Not only because it’s 187 degrees and it makes me tired and I do not do sweat, but also because I couldn’t imagine how to actually thrive during this season. How could I win with my kids and family AND with my business and dream? 

I’m starting to really get a grasp on this thing called ‘rhythms’. What I’ve finally begun to understand about the summer season is that it’s not the time to hustle. If you have children at home, you understand that during these months, rest is really the only way. I resent my children when they are in summer mode and I am not. And who’s fault is that? It’s not theirs! It’s mine. My expectation about what I can do and what they should accommodate is unrealistic. I’m convinced that for me personally, the answer is work a little and play a lot. And soon enough, the rhythm of life changes and we are back to a scheduled and faster paced life where routines are in full force and productivity isn’t so illusive. 

What does this season look like for me practically? On Sundays, I end the weekend with a look at the week ahead. Considering any important projects and deadlines, I aim to get all work out of the way first thing in the morning — hopefully before my girls wake up and the interruptions begin. After that, I’ll address urgent things that come up (it’s rare). Since there are not many camp or VBS opportunities this year, we will plan to meet up with friends a couple of times a week. I work with clients one day a week and I have childcare for one additional morning a week to run errands or see friends or get caught up on anything that needs attention. We’ll visit a couple of favorite places, spend a lot of time at our community pool, see friends and cousins as often as possible (when energy and moods allow), make a lot of homemade ice cream and popsicles … and that’s about it. 

Sounds like a very 1990s summer and I’m not mad about it. ✌️