May 2020 Newsletter

It feels so good to be done with April – the longest month I have ever lived. I don’t have to tell you that because I know you felt it, too. I feel like I lived nine lives in the last 30 days! And my gray roots are here to tell about it. Thank goodness that time marches on and HERE WE ARE — HELLO, MAY!!! School is ending and we begin the transition to summer, which may not feel a whole lot different than the days you’ve been living at home. I get that. 

I need some separation between 8 weeks of quarantine and 10 weeks of summer, so I scheduled a solo working retreat at an AirBNB in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. One of my favorite podcasters – Kendra Adachi, aka The Lazy Genius – taught me about the importance of opening and closing ceremonies. Yes – just like the Olympics! It doesn’t feel right when a chapter or season ends without resolution, right? So I’m ending quarantine and beginning summer with some time alone – and that feels very right to me. Now with my kids, I’ll do a Kindergarten celebration for my oldest and do something fun to make sure that we are feeling the difference between these two seasons. What none of us want is a further 6 months that feel exactly the same. 

Consider doing something similar for yourself or your family. What would your closing and opening ceremonies look like? I’d really love to hear your thoughts!

Listening recommendation…

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